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Kueh Jute Handwoven Dhurrie

Rs. 15,500.00
Size: 3.8x7.7 Ft. (115x235cms)

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The Kueh Dhurrie is more than just a rug; it's a cultural fusion and a tribute to craftsmanship. Designed by a Singaporean studio dedicated to architectural conservation, this jute handwoven dhurrie embodies a cross-cultural dialogue between Indian handicrafts and Singapore's rich heritage. Named after the beloved Malay sweet "Kueh," this rug draws inspiration from the intricate flavors and textures of this iconic treat, capturing its essence through its design and craftsmanship. Made from multi-braided natural materials, it not only reflects a harmonious blend of cultures but also offers practicality with easy maintenance. The Kueh Dhurrie is not just a floor covering; it's a celebration of tradition, artistry, and the shared cultural tapestry of nations.


✓ Colour: The beige color design adds a touch of sophistication and artistic flair to your living space.

✓ Material: Crafted from natural jute, it offers durability and a unique, earthy texture, making it a sustainable and distinctive choice for carpet flooring.

✓ Technique: A flatweave design, like the Kueh Jute Dhurrie, showcases a sleek and low-profile texture, making it an ideal choice.

✓ Shape: This rectangular rug is designed to become the focal point of any room, adding an artistic touch and comfort to your living space.

✓ Versatile: Suitable for the living room, house, as a floor rug, or even as a wall hanging.

Shipping Policy

- The product will be dispatched in 7 to 10 working days
- Free Shipping within India

- All International orders are delivered within 7 - 10 working days of shipping

Care Guide

Vacuum regularly to keep dirt from getting trapped
If spills occur, do not rub the stain instead blot immediately
Rotate periodically for even wear
Shedding is a characteristic of the natural fiber, it should subside after 4-6 weeks with regular vacuuming
If the thread comes out do not pull the yarn; trim with a scissor
Periodic professional cleaning recommended for best results

Can be used as Floor rug and Wall hanging


- Made to order items cannot be returned or exchanged
- Returns accepted within 3 days of delivery in case of damaged goods

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